Visit IBO Island for the most romantic getaway in Africa!

How about a romantic visit to one of the African continents most hidden and exciting Islands? Off the coastline of Mozambique in the North, there lies a group of Islands called Quirimbas in The Indian Ocean. One of these Islands is called Ibo. The Island has quite a history, the most exciting being the fact that Vasco Da Gama sojourned on the Island.

Ibo Island is an extremely quite get away. It is very exceptional. It is one of the most wonderful sought after destinations for honeymoon and romantic escapades. To arrange your trip, get a good local hotel or lodge and they will arrange everything else for you. One of the best is Ibo Island is Ibo island lodge. Contact the hotel administration and let them arrange special packages for you.

Here you are sure to enjoy sailing in ancient Arabic dhows for the best of white beaches. Go for snorkelling in the warm, clear waters in search of dolphins and fish found in tropical waters. The dolphins are especially very exciting to watch as they are very playful. The exotic island atmosphere is very relaxing.

Ibo Island lodge  makes arrangements for cast away picnics to enable couples enjoy their quiet romantic moments alone. If you want to go private with your honeymoon dinner, just mention it and it will be arranged. The candlelit dinners are set for couples secret locations that are specially made on the Island.

Once you are done, the memories of your experience and adventure on the Island are sure to last for a lifetime. At your own time, you can retreat to your magnificent air conditioned romantically set room with a four poster carved bed. There is also a romantic petal turn down.

Your package ( also be customised to include a couple massage and guided tours to some cultural and heritage tours.

Another beautiful island in Moz to check out is Bazaruto Archipelago

Does Traveling Help With Stress Management?

Many people have issues with the amount of stress that they face on a daily basis but traveling can help you with that. Stress can significantly harm the body. It can weaken the immune system and even cause heart attacks. It is important for people to learn about how to manage stress. Here are tips on stress management Cape Town.

Manage Your Time Well

Many people became overwhelmed and stressed out because they schedule too many personal and work related commitments each day. It is important to set a limit for your daily activities so that you do not feel as though your time is being spread so thin. Stick to this threshold and learn to say no to people if they ask you to complete tasks that you do not have the time for. Many people become burdened because others take advantage of them. It is important to be honest to reduce your stress load.

Take Time Out for Yourself Each Week or Go On An Overseas Trip

It is important to be able to take some time just for yourself so that you can regroup mentally and physically. Schedule at least one hour each week into your schedule where you mute your phone and just go out to do something that you enjoy.

Do Not Keep Your Feelings to Yourself

Many people keep their feelings bottled up inside because they allow stress to build up gradually over time. Take some one with you on your travels you can share your feelings with. If a person does not have their voice heard, then this can cause them to become even tenser. People need to be able to communicate how they feel so that the people around them understand what they are going through. The way to go about this is to sit down one on one with people and speak to them. Yelling or being hurtful will only make the situation worse, so people need to be polite and try to just explain their feelings so that the issues can be resolved.

Have a Serene Environment

Some people allow the drama of others to impact their lives. Negativity can cause people to become stressed out. It is important to be around positive people and avoid conflict. With these stress management tips, you can manage your stress efficiently.

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Fishing In Mozambique

Mozambique is becoming one of the most popular fishing spots on the planet. The unspoiled Indian Ocean is an ideal location for a fishing holiday. This angler’s heaven has spectacular fishing in such areas as Xai Xai, the Bazaruto Archipelago, Ponto do Ouro, Inhaca and Pemba. Offshore fishing in these areas is good for barracuda, tuna, queenfish and black marlin. Sport fishing for game fish attracts fisherman from all over the world eager to try their hand at heavy tackle fishing from the fighting chair on the boat.Fishing for the less well known bonefish is growing as larger specimens are discovered around the Bazaruto Archipelago. Rock and surf fishing in Mozambique turns up species like rays, skates and sharks.

For fly-fishing, the best time of the year is from March to July. In the river channels between Benguerra and Bazaruto expect to find a wealth of kingfish, pompano, ladyfish and queenfish. If you prefer the excitement of catching black marlin, the prime season is from October to late January. If you stay until February you could see the rare whale shark around the archipelago. This is the largest fish and shark in the world, reaching lengths of 14m and weighing around 15 tons! Other shark species include silvertip, tiger and blacktip.
There are many travel package options available for fishing in Mozambique.

A selection of full-service game fishing lodges such as Indigo Bay welcome novice and expert anglers alike. Beginners are offered lessons and everyone can hire fishing tackle and equipment whatever the type of fishing you plan to do. Lodges are generally upmarket and offer unrivaled luxury, hospitality and privacy. Some lodges offer full-day and half-day charters for inshore and offshore boats depending on their location. The responsible lodges and fishing companies enforce a strict catch-and-release fishing policy. Whatever your budget and experience you’re guaranteed an unforgettable adventure when fishing in Mozambique.

Travel Tips

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