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The Scientific Congress was a succes ! Final programme of Tcell meeting and Scientific Congress are available to download. Special thanks to the speakers, sponsors and participants.
Download final programmes.
Sens-it-iv 2006-2010
What is our mission?
There are not yet any "in vitro" tests or test strategies available to test chemical compounds on their potential to induce allergies.

The aim of the Sens-it-iv project is to develop "in vitro" alternatives to animal tests currently used for the risk assessment of potential skin or lung sensitizers.
Project participants
28 groups overall, of which 9 represent industry. 15 groups represent universities or research institutes, while 4 groups represent organizations.

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Project Summary
This document is a summary of the Sens-it-iv project. It contains a project summary, the project objectives, a list of participants and other topics of interest.
Download the document here:

Sens-it-iv_Summary.pdf, 83 kb

Project activities are carried out in 10 Work Packages (WPs). For a full description, click here:

Sens-it-iv WP Activities
Why focus on allergens?
Worldwide, the occurence of allergies is increasing and has become an important health problem.

Before an allergy occurs, a tissue or organ has to be exposed to a compound with the potential to elicit an immune reaction, namely compounds called sensitizing agents or allergens.

The skin and lung are the most important targets for allergens.