Choosing the right destination for your honeymoon is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You want somewhere that offers a memorable experience, a relaxing ambience and some interesting things to see and do, and you also want to make sure the weather is as perfect as it possibly can be. Quiet, sandy beaches, luxurious accommodation and a romantic all-round atmosphere make it perfect, and there is one country that can offer many different destinations that provide all of these: Mozambique.

A beautiful, diverse and engaging African country with many islands off the coast, Mozambique can safely be called unique, and at Maputo honeymoons they have been providing exclusive honeymoons for newlyweds for many years. With extensive knowledge of the islands, and access to the very best accommodation, the team can help you find a perfect combination of relaxation, luxury and excitement, and make sure your honeymoon is truly one to remember.

Accommodation on the ibo Island lodge honeymoon and in the country itself varies from superb hotels to wonderful villas as well as lodges and luxurious canvas lodges, but it is among the many islands that the best honeymoon accommodation can be found. Perhaps best of all is the Quirimbas Archipelago, where visitors can indulge themselves with a stay in a luxury private villa, take dinner together on the beach and have access to private and personal tours of the island itself.

If you prefer city life you could head inland to the capital, Maputo, a lively and culturally diverse city home to a friendly and welcoming people, and Mozambique Honeymoons are only too happy to put together a package that includes all you want to see in the country. Beautiful, unique and enticing, Mozambique is very hard to beat when it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination.

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